staff also said the Xiaolong aircraft has been in the transformation

February 14, the opening of the 3rd Singapore Airshow. In this year’s Singapore Airshow, China Aviation Technology Import and Export Corporation on display to bring Xiaolong, L-15, pterosaurs and unmanned aerial vehicles and other military aircraft model exhibitors. Xiaolong fighter real machine this year did not go to the Singapore Airshow scene, Xiaolong caused by the countries in the aviation industry, especially the attention of the Third World countries.
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Short-term there will not be significantly improved Xiaolong fighter

Since its debut at the Dubai Air Show last year, Xiaolong fighter, Xiaolong fighter when launched remodeling is one of the focus of attention. But the CATIC staff to participate in this air show expressed Xiaolong fighter short term will not significantly improved appearance. However, staff also said the Xiaolong aircraft has been in the transformation, the transformation project is part of the electronic system and other details. The staff said that since its debut Xiaolong fighter, carried out the details of the improvements have been up to hundreds. Xiaolong fighters located in the Third World countries, to win, not like Western fighters as the pursuit of the most advanced concepts and the most advanced technology to cost-effectively. Because the majority of potential buyers of users affected by economic conditions and level of maintenance limit, it is difficult to conservation that the pursuit of fashionable

Russian-made fighter will not affect the sales of the Xiaolong aircraft

Reference to the Russian-made fighter Xiaolong fighter overseas markets in the CATIC stand, the exhibition’s staff said that the goal of the Xiaolong aircraft alternative Third World countries the existing fleet of MiG-21, Mirage -3 The second-generation single light aircraft. At present, Russia’s military exports more than double heavy fighter aircraft of the Sukhoi company Xiaolong aircraft positioning is completely different. In addition, Xiaolong fighter in the export, with technology transfer Xiaolong fighter now one of the important selling points.

Xiaolong fighter is quite advanced electronic equipment

At present, the world of third-generation fighter active duty electronic upgrade. In this year’s Singapore Airshow, Boeing, Raytheon and other companies have asked the third-generation fighter plane electronic equipment upgrade program. In this regard, the front of reports on the future of the Xiaolong aircraft electronic equipment upgrades ask the the CATIC staff. Xiaolong fighter is quite advanced electronic equipment, compared with the People’s Liberation Army is currently equipped with the fighter, absolutely one of the most advanced, he said. Third World in the low-end customers, can be said to The face of the national air force dress destined trends in phased array radar, show that Third World countries may shortly do not need to, but once put forward the demand to the existing body can dress, and does not require a big improvement. In addition, Ray Stone -6, the use of domestic positioning system precision-guided weapons can also be powered by Xiaolong fighter


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