communication is often blocked area

Sina aviation third of Singapore Air Show opened on February 14 , 16 , CATIC to fly two large companies in China’s aviation manufacturing enterprises to participate in the 2012 Singapore Air Show , in addition to a Friends of Taishun City Chinese private enterprise exhibitors . This is the Chinese civil aviation manufacturing enterprises to participate in overseas air show for the first time . The staff said on the stand , are participating in the Singapore Air Show , we would like to sell unmanned helicopter system is being tested in the X200 .
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According to reports, the X200 unmanned helicopter systems, the whole weight of 100 kg , maximum takeoff weight of 220 kg , can carry a 85 kg load flight five hours . In addition to the traditional remote control , the control system of the UAV can also rely on airborne satellite and inertial navigation system for fully automatic flight . In addition , the X200 UAV is also equipped with laser radar , Doppler radar, infrared detectors and other optoelectronic devices . The aircraft is now undergoing a test flight is expected in September this year , will officially open to the public . Booth staff said , the X200 UAV UAV products of other enterprises , the load of larger, smaller, and almost all domestic accessories .

The site of the company’s staff also said that the X200 can be used for military purposes . First of all, the X200 can be equipped with a variety of detection equipment , tactical investigation for small-scale forces on the battlefield . In addition , the X200 also carry a communications relay equipment for use as a communications aerial relay platform . Especially in Tibet and other terrain and weather are more complex , communication is often blocked area , the X200 can be multi-machine grouping and satellite systems, networking , radio and digital signal relay and support for the troops .

However, the X200 as a military helicopter , there are some inadequacies First endurance distance is too low, unable to meet the requirements of 8-10 hours , followed subject to the engine , the load , and U.S. products is fairly low compared to , can not carry weapons as attack aircraft . But the company also said that large-scale version of the X200 , X400, unmanned helicopter being developed , load bigger, stronger endurance and a greater variety of tasks can be completed . (


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