Syrian crisis escalated

Beijing , February 21 (Reporter Tan Jingjing Cao Xinyang ) 21 , Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said the Foreign Ministry’s regular press conference , China in Syria ‘s position is consistent and clear . The Chinese side is willing and the Syrian Government and various political factions in Syria , Arab countries and the Arab League to maintain communication with the international community , for the proper solution for Syria to play a constructive role .
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For the League of Arab States said Syria stance may change the question , Hong Lei , China ‘s position on Syria is consistent and clear . We have been closely following the development of the situation of Syria , Syrian crisis escalated, leading to civilian casualties , and deeply worried about the impact of regional peace and stability in the Middle East . We urge the Syrian government and the parties concerned the immediate and full cessation of all violence , to open an inclusive political dialogue without preconditions attached , and negotiation of a comprehensive political reform programs and mechanisms . We advocate that the international community should fully respect Syria ‘s sovereignty , independence , unity and territorial integrity , respect for the choice of the Syrian people , not in favor of the implementation of the Syrian military intervention or force a so – called We support the Arab countries to immediately stop the violence, the effective protection of Syrian civilians and providing humanitarian assistance to Syria , to avoid external military intervention argued that the League of Arab States within the framework of political dialogue to solve the Syrian problem .

To answer questions about China will be invited to attend the meeting held in Tunis in Syria Friends of Hong Lei said China has received the meeting invitation . The Chinese side welcomes all efforts conducive to peace, to properly resolve the efforts of the Syrian crisis , willing to play a constructive role with the relevant parties for the peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis . Needs further study the role and mechanism of the Chinese in the meeting .


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