What is necessary to convene the two sessions will be announced in the defense budget

Q: What is necessary to convene the two sessions will be announced in the defense budget , defense budget increases in the past , there will be some negative comments . Just mentioned that China would be reasonable to determine the scale of defense spending this year to increase the defense budget will be used to what ? Just mentioned , India and Japan to carry out escort cooperation , I ask the cooperative mode is what ? North Sea Fleet will be the first to send ships to participate in the convoy , is there anything to consider ? the
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Geng Yansheng : the composition of defense spending each year during the two sessions , released that year ‘s defense budget have been described . Defense expenditure is divided into three parts : First, day-to-day funding for personnel protection , the second is the cost for equipment, the third is used for training the maintenance fees .

On your second question , the independent national escort cooperation is to take as a reference country in a country , other countries arrange their own schedule , in accordance with the schedule of reference provided by escort escort efficiency can be further enhanced . This escort cooperation is based on a quarterly cycle , in turn , in the first quarter as the first round of the comparator , and put forward their own escort schedules , other escort countries according to the China of the escort schedule to arrange their own escort schedule .

On your third question , since December 2008 , the Chinese navy has dispatched 10 batches of 25 ships and ships of the convoy fleet , 22 helicopters and more than 8400 officers and men , the Gulf of Aden , Somali waters implementation of the escort mission . About the composition of the naval escort vessel formation is based on the existing naval forces to conduct co-ordination arrangements.


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