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WASHINGTON , February 27 ( Reporter Wang Fengfeng ) , U.S. officials said on the 27th , despite the protests broke out in Afghanistan because of U.S. soldiers burning the religious books , but the U.S. does not change President Barack Obama’s strategy for Afghanistan, will not change the withdrawal of troops pace , will continue in 2014 before the end of the transfer of security responsibilities to the Afghan side .
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He did not think the current political situation in Afghanistan will affect the U.S. strategy for Afghanistan , White House spokesman Carney said at a regular press conference that day . The United States believes that Obama’s Afghanistan strategy is still correct , and will continue the implementation of the letter . The focus of U.S. strategy for Afghanistan to fight against the

On the same day , Defense Ministry spokesman George Little said in a Pentagon news conference , Defense Secretary Panetta and the Joint Chiefs of Staff the main Xidengpuxi fully supports continue to implement Obama’s strategy for Afghanistan and security responsibilities handed over to the Afghan security forces before the end of 2014 . Little said Panetta and Dempsey , the United States made ​​significant progress , the strategy for Afghanistan against the Taliban and strengthening the Afghan security forces

Bagram U.S. military base soldiers burning the Koran and other Islamic religious books in recent days in Afghanistan, the outbreak of mass demonstrations. The protest against the conflict has resulted in more than 30 people , including four Americans were killed and 200 injured .


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