10 warm details to maintain the marriage

1. In the morning before work to help him organize what ties him one stroke stroke is not obedient hair. Tiny details of the men will have the same feeling soft and warm, when the details become a habit, he will be more peace of mind, you can not do will be more

2. He was fit again to buy good quality underwear. This day, he will have a delicate sense of good: This is my wife and I bought it! He thought would be derailed it?

3. Remember that each of the special day, and to celebrate with him. It does not have to do men and women to celebrate the way, would be more intimate and romantic, nor will he be able to feel more warmth of love.

4. That he’s favorite dishes, and the courage to learn and practice. Although the “seize the man’s stomach equal to seize the hearts of men” had a little gas, but it really works. He knows the taste, he likes to do the dishes, or learn to do the dishes he likes, even if only once in a blue moon, he will be deeply felt your love.

5.”Dear hard” as a pet phrase. Be it home from work, or repair electrical, water, do not forget to hug him and say “Dear tough.”

6.He would like to be alone, quietly walked away. It is said that men have a “cave”, when they have problems, accustomed to being alone with his thoughts quiet sort, this time, do not go to express your concern, go away quietly, he would appreciate your consideration and understanding.

7. Sure that he has trouble, Do not make plans for him. Unless he made a formal demand, then you should not hurry to solve problems for him. To believe that he will be able to handle, otherwise he would feel deeply hurt, because you clearly express no confidence in his ability.

8. So that he does not mind pulling your hair. In the face of love, does not require any Weishi, you will work together through a long life, you will have to give him the white hair, what would he hide it and can not be entrusted to him?

9,.Dress himself and his dress. So you always have friends in the eyes of a pair of Biren. You do not fear him forever young and handsome, because you do not lose self-confidence – their lack of confidence in women, how other people may have to give a sense of security?

10. Love him and say so. And the same, regardless of the number of occasions. He is always not to question closely, “I love” On the contrary, we should always remember to love them, he said.

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