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Recently, Hankou revival community’s Miss Zhao took a sign to have “1784” the inscription, to be similar in the coin thing (for example the figure above) finds reporter, the request help distinguishes, actually has a look at this “the coin” is which country’s currency. Miss Zhao said that this is her ancestor hands down from generation to generation from generation to generation, had 100 years at least. Reporter saw, this “coin” pro and con have the foreign language, the frame assume the tooth annular, appears very obsolete, but “1784” are very actually clear,American president
did not know whether to have the collection value.

“The lotus pond appeal” the glutinous ice plants the red official ware which from Burma all colors jade, the Xinjiang Hetian two kilogram red skin white meat’s original stone, Yixing’s undressed ore purple sand, Jingdezhen modern master burns ……on December 31st, 2010 – January 2, 2011, south Nanjing the skill back street art collector market will hold “the new year New Year’s Day meeting”, has from national more than 30 provinces and cities, the local antique dealers is having the treasure accumulation in this, demonstrated that the antique antiques, the exchange collection experience, deducts in 2011 the Chinese antique to collect the hero to collect.

the Shandong antique market field does not fall is at the meeting is most positive from Shandong’s Mr. Liu, he displayed couple of days ago brought his porcelain piece to come to Nanjing. “first time holds the national meeting since the south skill back street, I participated,hotel interior design
was counted this me already continuously to participate in six times. Nanjing is most early the popular porcelain piece heat, plays the human are also many, I go to many cities to participate in the countless meeting, discovered that south the skill back street market is not only big, plays the family to be also many, each time comes to be able to have many harvests, certainly the volume of business is also good, otherwise my each time meeting will not come.”Mr. Liu teases told the reporters.

south skill back street’s Li Zong told the reporters, this new year New Year’s Day meeting is the sixth national meeting which south the skill back street conducts, in the antique market more than 3000 antique stalls “the full load” the opening to the outside world, has from national more than 30 provinces and cities, the local antique dealers gathers in this. This meeting content has covered the ancient calligraphy and painting, the chinaware, the money, the woodcarving wood engraving, the stone carving carved stone,partial jewelry
the jade carving and so on dozens of category each kind of rare and precious things. Only the market conducts the national meeting accumulation population reached 200,000 people, deal quantity is striking.

As soon as rare sees “the lotus pond appeal” to introduce according to Li Zong that this new year New Year’s Day meeting, the market not only conducts the East China area biggest scale the antique stall meeting, but also unites the business to hold four big exhibitions, including: Hetian jade master the high-quality goods art show and the beeswax high-quality goods sell, Yang the Yang jadeite high-quality goods exhibition, to raise the German hall tradition Yixing purple sand craft exhibition, the Merrill Lynch Chinese style pavilion Red Official ware classical wool porcelain exhibition.

for this exhibition, “Yang Yang jadeite” boss has put out five color jade which especially oneself collect. Boss Yang takes only palm big pendulum to tell reporter, do not think that this pendulum is small, may actually be rare the valuable thing which, as soon as sees,puzzle market
the value must achieve 5,000,000. This jadeite is Burmese Uron river Shui Zi the material, plants, the water, the color to be complete. Usually in a jadeite had tricolor already had been good, but in this jadeite had five colors, green, purple, yellow, brown madder, white. Because is rare really for this reason, until now boss Yang is not willing to get rid, exhibition period lets the more Tibet friends appreciate, the exchange.

New Year’s Day period, “a Yuan prosperous precious jade” will also demonstrate that Shanghai jade carving Master Jiang Hongli, Suzhou jade carving Master Gong Keqin et al. nearly hundred Hetian seed materials, original stone high-quality goods, including two kilogram red skin white meat, 380 gram mutton fat level original stone. Moreover promoted the upscale Baltic Sea beeswax to suspend, to hang, the original stone high-quality goods exhibition for the first time.

Reporter in the Merrill Lynch Chinese style pavilion exhibition hall saw that here chinaware vitrified pot pure white exquisite, glazed surface crystal clear favor, woman with a made-up face noble elegant, on the glazed surface has the gorgeous plum blossom, but also has the tender drop peach blossom. The shop owner king morning sunlight told the reporters, these are the red official ware “the wool porcelain”.

For this exhibition, he also produced in a hurry one group of modern master in Jingdezhen to imitate your kiln’s library class high-quality goods. raises the German hall Yang Lei told the reporters, in this display Yixing undressed ore purple sand exhibition, what is most noticeable is “the ancient bank kiln series” and “China Ceramics Master Xu Anbi the art show”.

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