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Clothing, electronic products, books—The people more and more were already accustomed to through the network purchase daily thing, the network channel become most receive an emerging way which the enterprise pays attention. It is known that included Qu Mei, the Saint elephant, the nature, the TATA wooden door and so on one batch more well-known to live at the enterprise at present already to try the water electronic commerce.

On April 10, the TATA wooden door for the first time has also promoted the exclusive electronic commerce network shop. But including the entire friend family private and so on brands also in abundance with washes launches the cooperation valuable. Marches the net to buy the channel,Guesthouse illumination
lives at the business as if to have the sufficient reason:

The investigation showed that 5 years, the web cam the swift growth, will occupy next the early-1980s to the early 90s birth’s person purchases army’s mainstream, the network popular rate will surpass at least 60%.

However, facing will live at the net to sell will reach over a thousand hundred million Yuan attractive cakes, another kind of sound also will also exist. On July 8, the US gram US 2011 fashionable variations ‘ the new product release conference is held in Beijing, when is inquired about the view which buys to the furniture net, US gram US entire entrance to a country shop system General Manager Zhao Gejiu indicated explicitly, a US gram US did not have to develop the net at present to buy channel’s plan vigorously.

Compares with other professions, the furniture profession has own characteristic. The furniture is the big-ticket item consumer durable goods,SWIFT GROWTH’S
the amount is high, and the consumer pays great attention to experience. Because the furniture is the big-ticket item product, the transportation must complete by the specialized physical distribution company, but the present express company can only solve light casting product delivering goods to the doorstep.

On the other hand, the furniture installment needs the specialized technical personnel. Specially some closet, the book shelf isostructuralism complex furniture,LED illumination
the ordinary consumer could not solve. These are the furniture enterprise electronic commerce main bottlenecks.

In recent years, surrounded the Bohai Sea economic cycle to rise rapidly, integrated the state economy strategy in the Binhai newly developed area under the environment, present’s Tianjin is being at the rapid development stage, the domestic and foreign Large and middle scale Enterprises favored Tianjin this fertile soil, settled down in abundance, this gave Tianjin the consumer market to pour into the fresh blood without doubt.Semiconductor illuminations
Under this kind of unprecedented development momentum, lives at the building materials profession also to seize an opportunity, holds this rare development opportunity rapidly.

along with the top level high consumption community’s yearly growth, the Tianjin original tradition sells the field, regardless of from the environment, in the brand scale is unable the consumer demand which satisfies grows day by day, this request respectively sells the field to accelerate to advance the industrial upgrading, to live at the industry to develop the even more internationalize expense environment, the enhancement brand’s distinctive quality, consumer’s cognition, then adapts the market shift,MOCVD receives the promotion profession development.

in 2011 takes one of this city key projects–The Pearl River friendship international lives at the shopping center project to bear the brunt enters consumer’s line of sight. This project’s appearance, lets us be able not but to carry on to the high-end market guesses, whether does it seize ‘ the high ground blooming in the market competition ‘, also what will be relies on to locate for the internationalization sells the field?

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