Practical tips to reduce the risk of divorce

The ordinary course of events, marriage is in order from the, or even binding it to do? But of a marriage, by happy gradually become rancid, a mass of bruises after the split, no matter how hard to see, not what is a good thing.

The early days, the military academy, the first three years students are underground work, it seems calm. However, the approach of graduation, a team No. people, several of the 10 sudden lovers. I did not engage in to understand that they are on how to consort.

After graduation, the bad news one after another, until now, the original Mandarin has been running out. Speaking of divorce, a buddy, then look no choice: like stripping the layers of skin!

That being the case, why should the first place! Married people are always full of reverie, that they can then live a happy life, usually no one concept at this point in time after a period of time will be sitting in a lawyer office, and had to die so that their people have to live for division of property.

Divorce can not be 100 percent prevention, but we can still take measures to avoid divorce as much as possible nightmare from happening. If you have a divorce, it would not be frustrated, you can also use the following method of operation of the future of marriage. This method seems to be simple and 10, it is actually very useful, you do not want to suffer the pain of divorce, then, let some of your marriage a long time, it should be no problem.

1. Love two years of marriage

The researchers said that if a pair of lovers in love time about two years and 4 months (this is the love of the average time) about to get married, their divorce will be a relatively low probability. And met and married in haste after the delay in the wedding hall of the people into a higher risk of divorce. U.S. expert Ted marriage. Harston, said: “the longest delay marriage people the possibility of breaking up the greatest.”

2. Shenxing

Now, pre-marital cohabitation unprecedented popularity, of course you can also find a person had been but the researchers did not support pre-marital cohabitation, because they found that pre-marital cohabitation of people at high risk of divorce.

3. Grew up a little longer to marry

Statistics show that 25-year-old after the marriage, the probability of greater long-term marriage.

4. Premarital important issues agreed upon

You both want the number of children? How will you finance? In the honeymoon before the discussion of these issues is very important. Premarital education or pre-marital advice may help you solve this problem. Many studies have shown that after this procedure for their spouses have higher marital satisfaction and greater sense of responsibility.

5. Can quarrel, but do not upgrade into a “world war”

To stop the mouth is an integral part of the relationship between husband and wife, stopped the mouth and argue their own will not lead to divorce. However, you should pay attention to controversial. Researchers Gottman and Levenson said they can observe a couple argue in the negative way, as well as the degree of constructive and positive communication to predict whether or not divorce the two. Argument to avoid: criticism, contempt, and refused to over-protect themselves. Learn how to use humor and the kind words ease the heated debate.

6. Play

Yes, you both need to have their own personal interests and hobbies. However, too much emphasis on self-may lead to the separation of life, or a gradual separation. Like her husband have to play golf every Saturday, his wife go swimming every Saturday. Adopted by the Institute participate in your favorite activities are reunited together. Affectionate look to find the time is also important, although it appears that you have not separated from one minute. Affectionate way, such as massage and embrace, which makes you feel more intimate.

7. To share housework

Forwarders most home side, while the other is lazy leisure, this is a divorce the “secret.”


Sometimes we will be the most rude way people treat their own favorite, did not realize that their own. Check it yourself: “I take it on friends, acquaintances, colleagues and even strangers than for their other half is better?” Regular mutual recognition; remember to say “please” and “Thank you” rather than issue an order or over garrulous .

9. With the problems, we should solve the problem

One of them whether you feel depressed? Whether there is drug abuse problems? Have alcohol problems? One of the parties interested in affair? If you have or you do not want to approach these issues resolved, the risk of divorce will be greatly increased. Through advisory services and other ways to solve these problems can reduce your risk of divorce.

10. And want to get married marry

This seems to be obvious, but many people did not. If you need to beg, sweet deceive, and even before the ultimatum issued by the marriage, then you should be aware that he or she probably did not want to marry. If you wear a ring in the moment you think things will eventually change, then you are wrong. Do not trouble to themselves. Or to find a like you, hope that those who entered the marriage hall to live with it.

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