resin seals

The sphere electronic contact exhibition, the surface pastes installs one of seals. In prints foundation plate’s back to manufacture the sphere salient point according to the exhibition way to serve as a substitute directs the integrated circuit foot, is printing foundation plate’s frontage to assemble the LSI chip, then or fills with the mold pressing resin seals the method to carry on the seal. Is also called salient point exhibition carrier (PAC).

The pin may surpass 200, is one kind which multi-pin LSI uses seals. The seal main body may also do (four side pin flat packaging) is smaller than QFP.power transistor
For example, the pin center distance is 1.5mm 360 pin BGA is only the 31mm square; But the pin center distance is 0.5mm 304 pin QFP is the 40mm square. Moreover BGA does not need to worry the QFP such pin distortion question. This seal is American Motorola Corporation develops, first in equipment and so on portable telephone is used, from now on will have the possibility in the US to popularize in the personal computer. At first, the BGA pin (salient point) the center distance is 1.5mm, the pin number is 225. Now also has some LSI factory to develop 500 pins BGA.

After the BGA question is the backflow welds the viewing test. Was still not now clear whether effective viewing test method. Some believed that because welds the center distance is big, the connection may regard as is stable, can only process through the functional check. American Motorola Corporation uses the mold pressing resin seal the seal to be called OMPAC, but fills seals the method seal the seal to be called GPAC (to see OMPAC and GPAC).

With the glass seal’s ceramic double row in-line type seal, uses in ECL RAM, DSP (digital signal processor) and so on electric circuits. Has glass window Cerdip to use in ultraviolet ray cleaning EPROM as well as the interior has the EPROM microcomputer electric circuit and so on. Pin center distance 2.54mm, pin number from 8 to 42. In Japan, this seal expression is DIP-G (G is glass seal meaning). 6th, Cerquad

The surface pastes installs one of seals, namely uses ceramic QFP which seals, uses in sealing DSP and so on logical LSI electric circuit.Bipolar transistor
Has window integrated circuit Cerquad to use in sealing the EPROM electric circuit. The radiation is better than plastic QFP, may allow under the natural air cooled condition 1. 5~ 2W power. But seal cost compared to plastic QFP high 3~5 times. The pin center distance has 1.27mm, 0.8mm, 0.65mm, 0.5mm, 0.4mm and so on many kinds of specifications. Pin number from 32 to 368.

Brings the pin ceramics chip carrier, the surface to paste installs one of seals, the pin draws out from the seal four sides, assumes the T-shape. Has the window to use in seal ultraviolet ray cleaning EPROM as well as to have the EPROM microcomputer electric circuit and so on. This seal is also called QFJ, QFJ-G (to see QFJ).

Double row in-line type seal. Inserts installs one of seals, the pin draws out from the seal both sides, the seal material has the plastic and the ceramic two kinds. DIP is most popular inserts installs the seal, the application scope including standard logical IC, memory LSI, the microcomputer electric circuit and so on. Pin center distance 2.54mm, pin number from 6 to 64.

The seal width usually is 15.2mm. Some are 7.52mm and the 10.16mm seal is called separately the width skinny DIP and slim DIP (narrow build DIP). But in the most situations does not differentiate, simply the general designation is only DIP. Moreover, is also called cerdip with low melting point glass seal’s ceramic DIP (to see cerdip). 13th, DSO   (dual small out-lint)

Two-sided pin small contour seal. The SOP alternate name (sees SOP). The partial semiconductor factory uses this name. 14th, DICP   (dual tape carrier package)   The two-sided pin belt carries the seal. TCP (belt carries seal) one. The pin manufacture draws out on the insulating tape and from the seal both sides. What because uses is integrated circuit TAB (automatic belt carries welding) the technology,hotel interior design the seal contour is thin.

Actuates LSI commonly used in the liquid crystal display, but to decide the product most. Moreover, 0.5mm the thick memory LSI book shape seal is being at the phase of exploitation. In Japan, according to EIAJ (Japanese electron mechanical industry) the standing operating procedure, the DICP naming will be DTP.

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