Jinuo national

The Jinuo national minority youth’s love is quite free, and has filled the poetic sentiment. When the girl intends after the young fellow, she will give the young fellow a beautiful fresh flower, if the young fellow will also love this girl, after receiving the fresh flower, he may discuss marriage to this girl.

In Yunnan’s Jinuo national minority youth, but also has the custom which “the drop” selects a friend for marriage. Under the village areca,good sisters
the young men and young women minute nearby two stands, only uses the diamond purse which the color cloth makes, is two colored ribbons, looks like the color butterfly in airborne to dance in the air equally, from time to time elevates, from time to time reduces, flies to opposite party bosom. Participates in “the drop” the youth men and women, in ear’s bamboo pipe insert “the alone Qiao flower”, “the Bush flower”, “west the wheat to spend”, the scene is very attractive.

In Jinuo national minority, some calls “Nepal to do high” the bamboo house, is place which the youth men and women get together. When the night, the girls dress up attractively, reach agreement to arrive at “Nepal in once to do high”, the ignition ormosia henryi, admits the bamboo tube to be stuffy the black juice, with the black juice dusk tooth, then makes the needlework, the weaving;

In the young fellows ear inserts the beautiful fresh flower also to arrive at “Nepal to do high”, on the other hand they on the one hand make the bamboo splint to live discuss with the girls sing, the expression is in love mutually mood. “Does high in Nepal”, the youth men and women do not have the going off course behavior, otherwise is to bamboo house master’s disrespecting,possibly is various
must receive the penalty. Human who falls in love may arrive at the flat roof to come up intimately, a young fellow may also go to several “Nepal to do high”.

Plays to a night of depth, everybody wants to go home to rest. By now, the girl stepped on a common people’s mood person’s instep quietly with the foot, then ignited the flare to walk first, this keeps the suggestion which the young fellow midnight slept. After the young fellow obtains the suggestion, gets up immediately with the girl is walking, to the paternal aunt maternal home, has used outside the room first water washing foot, then enters in the girl room to sleep, calls to the second day of chicken when departs.

Regarding this, the girl parents do not interfere generally, some parents will also peep, will be unsatisfied immediately expels the young fellow, satisfaction will let the young fellow second day go to the backwater with the girl, cook a meal together, after the young fellow will go back, will ask the human to discuss marriage. At Jinuo national minority’s wedding ceremony must destroy a bowl, wraps again gives the Uncle to preserve, when divorce discards institute Bao Powan.

In wedding ceremony that day,hotel interior design the bridegroom family wants to kill a pig, half gives the new maternal home. In the afternoon, the bridegroom and the parents goes to the new maternal home to fetch the bride, the groom’s family wants to give the bride’s side the mother 1.5 Yuan to make “the wet nurse expense”, the Uncle 2.5 Yuan does for the bride’s side “meets the person expense”.

When the bride leaves the stockaded village, originally will be intimate will use the clear water or washes rice the water to sprinkle her, expressed that will not be loyal to love to her the retaliation. To the bridegroom family’s staircase mouth, bridegroom’s mother must give the bride an egg, ties up a red line in her hand, circles three in the skill. Bridegroom’s father wants to give the bride a chicken leg, also ties up the red line in her hand, showed to tie up bride’s heart.

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