Jewelry Profession

The profession association said that does not set up a file still takes along “the timing bomb” carefully “to be too late to regret” “the jewelry profession will experience a time new mixing the cards.” The other day in by the Chinese Jewelry Jade Jewelry Profession Association,ingenious conceptions
organization sponsors and so on Shenzhen Gold Jewellery ornaments Profession Association “the jewelry retail sales management forum” on, Chinese Chain-like Management Association Assistant Deputy Secretary-General Wu Rui Ling has made such sound.

But initiates “mixes the cards” the source, she aimed at the department of commercial affairs promulgation implementation special permission Operation of business to set up a file the policing method. Corresponds with this means that is actually the awkward reality which industry in knows widely:

So far, the entire jewelry profession only then 2 implemented has set up a file, most was in the lead in the national jewelry industry, has several thousand jewelry enterprise’s Shenzhen, this proportion was also lower than 1/1000 levels. In this enterprise and in national policy’s gambling, the final result will inevitably affect Shenzhen jewelry, will also be as for the entire Chinese jewelry industry trend with the pattern.

The new gauge “applauds does not attract a large audience” “knew that has this stipulation, but not clear concrete content.”Shenzhen’s many jewellery ornaments enterprise is related the person in charge hem and haw to talk ambiguously. This numerous business does not hope the stipulation which speaks in detail, was last year department of commercial affairs formulates “Commercial Special permission Management and operation Rule”, from announced on the initiation numerous chain-like Operation of business’s widespread attention and the argument.

According to the rule, special permission business must, from works out in for the first time special permission operating agreement date of 15th,quite gentle
sets up a file to the commerce Department responsible for the work; Already was engaged in the special permission operative activity before the rule execution special permission business, must before May 1, 2008 sets up a file to the commerce Department responsible for the work. Not only this rule may cause the special permission alliance to be more transparent, standard, ceases the appearance which effectively alliance business is deceived, moreover the safeguard enterprise standard management, also had the big promotion to the enterprise brand.

An enterprise person in charge told the reporters, most recent several years presented many enterprises to swindle the alliance business money the event, caused the alliance business are deceived, in addition some enterprise evil intention “the circle money “, the alliance condition and the pledge symbol and so on, have not harmed the entire chain-like management prestige, new rule’s releasing played the standard without doubt to the entire market the role.

But in releasing near 1 year, this rule is actually “applauds does not attract a large audience”. Including the retail sales, the cosmetology and so on numerous chain-like management professions, carry on the enterprise proportion which sets up a file to be low,hotel interior design but the jewelry profession is without doubt the proportion is lowest. Discovered by department of commercial affairs’s commercial special permission management information management system, only then the Shenzhen 2 enterprises carried on the jewellery ornaments aspect has set up a file, but this and Shenzhen’s jewelry industrial development level was not by far symmetric.

In Shenzhen Luohu area’s Shui Bei, a small region has concentrated over a thousand gold jewelry enterprise, already formed has purchased the platform take the water shell international jewelry transaction center as the sign heart’s jewelry. Here also becomes the home biggest gold jewelry base, therefore Shenzhen also becomes the domestic jewellery ornaments’ main production base, according to the statistical figure, Shenzhen’s jewellery ornaments volume of production and marketing has occupied national above 70%, Shenzhen jewelry already became the Chinese jewelry profession the windvane, is occupying the absolute words power.

Shenzhen is preparing to report positively sets up a file the jewelry enterprise people in charge said that this kind “sets up a file the system” in some kind of degree is one kind of intelligence authentication, moreover requests quite strictly. Not only regarding enterprise’s own condition, even regarding the mesh point layout, the sales situation and so on has carried on the detailed stipulation, this threshold is also quite high, does not have the suitable strength enterprise to be very difficult to satisfy the condition.

But Shenzhen’s jewelry enterprise quantity is freely numerous, but quite most is middle and small scale, in the strength is unable to achieve. The enterprise is not willing to limit In Shenzhen’s jewelry enterprise, stars, Jin Dafu, Zhou Da the thousand auspiciousness lives these in the national illustrious brand, actually exists not one exception has not implemented sets up a file, but these enterprises have several hundred companies to lock a door the shop. The lucky pledge is Shenzhen few in number sets up a file one of enterprises, was responsible to ally special permission management chain-like deputy general manager Cheng Yajun specially saying that “set up a file the system” regarding the hegemon enterprise in fact is one kind of restriction.

She explained that in the rule also some information disclosed the policing method, stipulated that specially permitted the human to establish and practice the complete information disclosure system, provided company’s situation, the special permission running cost and the collection means to the alliance business and so on, even also included the corporate finance state of operation and so on sensitive information.

Moreover, the alliance business’s degree-of-freedom, protection dynamics further enlarge, like is not lower than regarding the alliance time stipulation for 3 years, this is big regarding the investment, the repair management and so on expense disbursement many alliance business, may guard against the part bad enterprise to cooperate for 1-2 years then to stop the contract, the situation occurrence which the alliance business initial capital not turns over.

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