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The diamond does not have the flaw, hard incomparably is chastely eternal and the strength symbol, is the nature most magnificent treasure.ordinary day’s
Because of this, its price also when production costs rise, prices rise too. Therefore has the diamond with great difficulty, certainly must plan “changes well the body” the road, lets it have enters the stage the opportunity.

The ring changes a body The diamond ring size is moderate, the link shape modelling may unify easily with each kind of source material, therefore “changes the body” the opportunity are most. Changes 1– necklace this is the diamond ring most basic change, also most suits Shan Lizuan the ring. Matches the different material the chain, can build the different makings. Pi Sheng, the hemp rope and the knitting wool make the lofty diamond ring to increase naturally the rough might as well, but plants flowers respectively in the shape metal chain gauge the moment, appears suddenly the elegant makings.

In addition, because the diamond ring is the link shape design, therefore should better not string together directly on the chain. In addition 1-2 circlet buckles, can let the ring be more docile in the front. Changes 2– links mounts many to drill or the gem ring,features person
most suits, when hand link. The flannelette and the satin ribbon are the most suitable matching source material, no matter is flannelette’s elegant sense of reality, satin ribbon bright sprightly, can contrast ring’s dazzling ray. If selects quality of material thick flannelette matching, best cuts out happen to suits the skill the length, ties up by the exquisite butterfly knot in the skill inside; Chooses the gentle satin ribbon, best winding skill multi-circles, then in the flank or the abstention encircle tie up the attractive variety knot, complements ring’s magnificence.

Changes 3– back chain diamond ring back chain wind is most early blows by Nike · Jideman. In the CHANELNO.5 newest advertisement, US carries on the back the bright flash the diamond to let the male student adore, let the female student really envy. Basically, a more careful softer chain is more suitable, when back chain, because the thick chain easy to rob the diamond the elegant demeanor. But wears the method to be very also simple, chooses the strip slightly long soft chain, hung directly the diamond ring in the behind may.

If also wants to play the pattern, may choose a longer spot the chain, two keep in position two rings (earring), two lengths vary hang in the behind, cancels in the suitable spot with the clasp two side chains in the same place, the coordinate deep color bare-back dress, just like is in the advertisement super model. The brooch changes a body The diamond brooch itself attaches the brooch, wears very conveniently. So long as the color is appropriate, on the hair which the plate plays, do not coordinate the waistband don’t in the waist border or direct don’t on the shoe, can play the role which adds the finishing touch.

Changes at the back of 1– loops the quite even brooch, suits the application in the skill decoration, prominent slender white hands. When attends the evening banquet or PARTY, don’t takes to bring with the brooch in the flower shop manufacture’s skill garland or the flannelette, can promote the arm line which entire appears externally, enables others’ attention to extend to the shoulder neck and the protothorax. The bracelet changes a body Because diamond bracelet “congenital lanky” “build”, not only may encircle in the skill, but may also encircle in the chignon, the front, or follows to hang falls “the tassels wind”,hotel interior design vertical hangs in the front.

Changes 1– swirl long hair gets up in the brain afternoon session, both graceful and grave, but attends the evening banquet to dislike slightly simply, with the diamond bracelet, may change the style skillfully. If the diamond bracelet only then middle mounts the diamond, then the chignon combs after the brain depending on under position, may the bracelet middle don’t in the chignon side;

If is depending on the top of the head position, will have the diamond part from frontage surrounding chignon, regardless of looks far nearly looked, just likes a small imperial crown. The earring changes a body Regardless of the diamond earring is clamps the type or the needle type easy fixed, therefore “changes the body” the opportunity is also very big.

Changes 1– waist chains does not provide clothing the skirt or the jeans, the pine is loosely a satin ribbon in the waist border, fixes again the earring on the satin ribbon, use diamond ray prominent small waist; Or plays the part of an earring in the waist, another wears on the ear, both has the associative perception, and the style.

Changes 2– necklaces by earring’s style choice sling chain, the material quality from the metal to the cerebral cortex, the hemp nature, even is the plastic transparent rope all may. Specially in recent years was all the rage the color bead necklace wind, hung up the elegantly beautiful diamond earring in the colorful colored bead, could help you absolutely to promote gazing rate.

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