actual power

3. Power Wattage, the unit is W:   The power has the actual power and the print power two concepts, the print power usually is everybody can see, moreover the majority of customers can also accept concept; But the actual power does not look, only then can measure through the instrument, to prevent the illegal manufacturer to use deception, pretends to be the high power by the low power, thus serves the purpose which economizes (usually is power is lower, price is cheaper).

Our country appeared about to conserve energy lamp’s national standards, GB/T17263-2002, this standing operating procedure, the actual power cannot be lower than the print power 85%. But because the domestic different city’s commodity inspection request is dissimilar, pretends to be the high power by the low power the phenomenon generally to exist.

4. lamp holder base: gorgeous gorgeous
The lamp holder is the knuckle can lamp’s forehead, usually has E27/E26/B22/E14. E27 is the majority of market requirement, our country uses basically is this kind of lamp holder; E26 is the US and Canada; B22 is Britain and UK colonial country, for example: India, Pakistan, Australia and so on; E14 is the small lamp holder. The material has the copper, the iron, the aluminum and so on, the price is also from high to low. The difference was the hard lamp holder time must be rusty steadily, the aluminum lamp holder was quite soft.

5. color temperature Color temperature, the unit is K: Is refers to when the lamp is bright, light color, usually from 2700k to 7000k. The color temperature is higher, is whiter, in the vision looks like, is brighter, is not true actually. Then also has some about color temperature specialized English, warm color is refers to 2700k, daylight is refers to 6400k, cool daylight refers to 6500k-6700k, and so on. The color temperature has not related with lamp’s price. But with production related, usually looks like 2700k,6400k,6500k and 6700k, is quite commonly used, quantity limit is not very strict, other for example: color temperatures and so on 4100k, the tube supplier has certain quantitative requirement.

6. lumen Lumen,screen impression
unit LM:   How to prove the energy conservation lamp compared to ordinary light bulb bright 5 times? This involves to the measurement question, we knew, human’s weight is measures with the kilogram, then brightness is measures with what? Also has, brightness Measuring unit is lumen LM, each tile how many lumina, had total lumen how many, decided this light bulb has brightly? The ordinary light bulb’s national standards are 10lm/w, i.e.

25w, it has 250lm, (light bulb’s actual power with print power basically is 100%, because they do not have cost variance, 25w and 100w are the same price), conserves energy lamp’s lumen to be able to achieve 55lm/w generally, the individual factory’s tube, above 15w, the lumen can achieve 60lm/w. This is a leap! Then the 5w lamp, actual power 5×85%=4.25w,55lm/w, was equal to that 233lm the brightness, close 250lm, therefore, was equal to 25w light bulb’s brightness. Certainly, if with dissimilar material,hotel interior design
poor material, lumen not such high, i.e. not such bright, is mainly decided inside the tube the powder material quality is dissimilar.   7. tube:

The tube conserves energy lamp’s important component, but the tube quality quality mainly by the inside powder decision, at present usually has the thin dust, namely the three basics toner (tri-phosphor), 300-400 Yuan /kg, the luminous powder (several ascend Yuan /kg) and the mix powder three kinds, the three basics toner also has the quality, division import, the domestically produced, the mix powder is mainly the three basics toner and the luminous powder mixes according to the certain proportion, three basics toner proportionHigher, the quality is better. A tube’s cost also had differently, the common luminous powder lumen only then about 40lm/w.

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