33 things women should do for your men

Sometimes, I suddenly feel a woman is a bit less than the? Flying of speech, are men of the post for a woman what to do, men do the number of how many points is a good man. In terms of their hearts, modern men are tired enough, they bear a greater work pressure, more family responsibilities, more economic burden, even in time of distress, were more looked down upon. I think that sometimes women are not the men do?

1, before he went to work, help him to wear jackets;

2, his pre-mission and give him a kiss;

3, he went to a friend Prior to that, asked him to come back as soon as possible;

4, bad weather to remember him;

5, more than the normal time make a phone call did not come back at ease, and do not use too much attention to the tone of accusation;

6, his friend to come home, to his friends to kind;

7, in front of his friends or the public before giving him a little face;

8, in and his acquaintances, including his colleagues, friends, family talk, appropriate to talk about his benefits;

9, in any field Ho occasions, before any person, please do not say that he stingy;

10, the time to buy things, I remember the wallet in his custody temporarily so, and let him pay every time;

11, he sometimes light a cigarette smoking, especially with friends, do not mind too much;

12, he sometimes drank a little beer, especially when friends and together, will not be too against it;

13, he has to take a look at four to see the last World Cup, should be given some support, he is once every four years, you have the opportunity at any time;

14 he finishes his work, remember to say “You come back,” so he can have a sense of home;

15, his headaches, they can help him head massage, no more than a good way to do more is just a psychological comfort.

16, when his back pain, to help him beat back a while, you definitely better than 10 minutes to knock him to the outside knocking 1 hour.

17, send text messages to parents when the phone call, do not forget to give him a phone call parents Xinhua clockwork message of greetings to you gently.

18, to their parents to buy things when, I remember that he is also a parent.

19, to honor their parents do care about them, we should also honor those who gave him a parents avoid partiality.

20, please remember that he and his parents birthday.

21, in his or birthday when his parents, remember to express your wishes, if there is no time to not necessarily have to be gifts, not necessarily have to buy expensive gifts, gifts, the so-called friendship ceremony light weight.

22, he did not shopping, you can make some small temper, but do not force him to must always remember where necessary, let him first, and therefore do not feel wronged and act rashly, otherwise well be self-defeating.

23, he was very depressed, upset, they can let him roar like you, but later let him sincere apology to you.

24, frustrated when he can take his mind for a while will help him regain confidence and ambition.

25, his time of unemployment, and told him blessing in disguise, how can we know the non-fu?

26, he was pleased when, to help him over a glass of wine.

27, his frustration when he points to a cigarette.

28, when he arrived when the first one to help him wash.

29, when two out of fun to play a day when the first Caesar Johnson and let him carry you upstairs.

30, helped him ready to wear clothes morning.

31, in the appropriate forum to demonstrate to you what he bought clothes or gifts.

32, when a harmonious atmosphere, helped him shave a beard.

33, you can let him cook, so that he can help you send coolies to do things so that he can help you to the cleaners when cleaning the house, but the clothes you have to help him wash.

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