LED production’s

Zhujiang Delta as the LED production’s Parent base, the good and bad people mixed up shortcoming has criticized for the profession public figure, produces the strength, the low technique content is majority Small and medium-sized enterprise’s fatal weakness lowly. For all this, Zhujiang Delta was still our country LED industry place of origin, its movement is representing our country LED industrial development tendency and the trend.

In the recent two years,the lamp ordinary
we also joyfully see some changes: More and more LED enterprises focus the market, seeks suits oneself product the channel, pays great attention the market competition the different superiority; Strengthens gradually to own brand propaganda and the raise; Takes the region overall environment, starts the standard market competition order.

Zhongshan LED – low end, quantification application workshop pattern Zhongshan’s LED end product enterprise has about probably 500, mainly applies primarily. Its product staple market concentrates in civil and the landscape illumination aspect. Raw material Production enterprises and so on lamp bead, probably also about some 30, Zhongshan area enterprise, because involves LED to be late, the technique content is not high, the admittance threshold is low, the homogenization is serious, also causes the entire market to be more chaotic, the low end competition is intense.

May use simply take the Zhongshan old town as Representative’s LED market “to be chaotic, to be bad” described that the main existence’s question summary is as follows: 1st, the market is disorderly, the product is unitary, looking from the contour structural design, has the monotonous problem. 2nd, the photo source abuses, the domestic product, the Taiwan department,the frugal electrical
Europe and America, the Japan department, Han is…Has, takes the ordinariest 1W white light saying that the price from several Yuan to 23 Yuan different, but these factors had also decided the photo source luminous flux, the light fades, infinite varieties and so on life.

3rd, the radiation question is prominent: The Zhongshan old town majority of factories profit from the traditional illumination simply the characteristic, has not been able very good understanding LED to take semiconductor’s electrical characteristic, copies mechanically and applies slavishly, constantly reduces the material cost, this also causes one of LED life short reasons.

4th, the power source abuses: Looking from the specialized angle, power source several could not have completed, certainly possibly is this local research and development strength is not too strong, causes present LED to actuate power source’s chaotic line, peaceful gauge, EMC, anything good, so long as the lamp bright might!

5th, does not have the standard, basically is the village in a mountainous area goods, is a factory is making the LED lamps and lanterns,LED lamps
moreover also has quite a part to make the export! 6th, the so-called CCC, FCC, CE authentication basically pulls the fierce appearance to work as the flag, the ten to one is false. The Zhongshan old town’s market reorganizes is the imperative matter.

Shenzhen LED – so-called high quality high price product Shenzhen is one of our country earliest LED industry areas. As early as about 1997, Shenzhen’s some factories saw the LED product the advantage, many Foreign trade companies also the LED product’s fitting, specially the light emitter diode give Shenzhen the Factory manufacture.

Now, although Shenzhen makes the LED product the factory to increase every year, but truly the foreign brand occupies the dominant position in the dealer and in the consumer mind. Shenzhen is engaged in the LED technology and the product research, the development, the production and the application enterprise approximately reaches more than 2000, the majority belongs to the LED seal and the application area of technology.

Is engaged in LED the high technology and new technology enterprise to have 97, approximately composes Shenzhen High technology and new technology Enterprise 2835 3.5%. In the Shenzhen Related Enterprise, belongs to the chip production only to have one, to the product manufacturing very important semiconducting material, the luminous powder Production enterprise is one does not have. Regardless of being the technology, the craft, the equipment, the essential raw material needs to introduce.

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