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It is reported that above new pattern in sea abundant East environmental product city use. EMC is aims at the LED price to be expensive, the user is not willing the market characteristic which spends to apply, but has the enterprise to think that at present is not EMC enters the interior lighting best opportunity.

“The LED lighting-up time is longer,attractive achievement
the energy conservation benefit are more, the investment returns-ratio is more obvious, this is the EMC characteristic. Compares lightens the time is every day 10 hour LED street light, the interior lighting time usually has for several hours, the EMC pattern effect is not obvious.”A Guangdong illustrious letter person in charge thought.

Case The cost high user hesitates very much LED had not found the independent business model Regardless of being “the great distance 100,000”, “ten thousand hundred million” EMC, the government is essential hand slap. The LED benefit a great deal, actually therefore is facing an awkward phenomenon: Except the EMC pattern, LED had not found the independence in government’s independent business model.

“we carried on the investigation last year in the terminal market, the very surprised discovery terminal did not understand LED. The government promotes vigorously, the media also has reported that but in the terminal market, is the user who LED pays are very actually few.”Entire said healthily. According to it introduced that last year national illumination alliance announcement illumination product sale data, the tradition illuminates 300,000,000,000 Yuan, LED also amounts to 120,000,000,000 Yuan.

However, the terminal market could not feel that LED the existence, where this 120,000,000,000 Yuan did flow to? “the government has provided the massive LED order form,seal product
but this is not obviously can continue for a long time, the LED enterprise needed to find the appropriate business model as soon as possible.”

The professional acknowledged that at present the terminal market besides knows the LED energy conservation, knows nothing about to other characteristics. “initially, conserved energy the lamp by with the incandescent lamp close use connection, rapid convenience substitution incandescent lamp, but LED is actually the completely different product, the terminal uses exists is very greatly puzzled.”Entire said healthily.

The Cai rising sun believed that LED in installs and in the use exists is very greatly different, the user is extremely high to the product provider’s dependence, needs the enterprise to provide the installment to instruct and to serve, this is a LED popular big difficulty.

EMC is excessively high in view of the LED cost of investment, by the bank loan solution capital funds question, and repays the bank loan with the energy conservation income, the question which the solution user does not want to spend. However, even if so, still had the user even not to be willing the loan to use. “The LED merit is obvious, we already massively used the LED illumination in a new repair’s sanitary equipment exhibition hall, but the LED cost is too high, the business model also needs to discuss.”

East the huge mythical bird sanitary equipment’s Cai rising sun thought. According to it introduced that the LED life is long,MOCVD home the period of revolution is more long conserves energy the income to be more obvious. However, the ceramic exhibition hall’s convention is every 2-3 years needs to repair one time, if each time repairs must eliminate one batch of LED, will create the very big waste, also cannot achieve the income goal which establishes finally.

“the electrical bill is the exhibition hall second great cost, is only inferior to the repair. LED can indeed solve the electrical bill problem, but how to use its life as far as possible? East huge mythical bird, once settles the exhibition hall standard, around the country 100% will launch, must therefore be discrete to the LED use.”The Cai rising sun said.

He suggested whether to use rents the form, the ceramic exhibition hall rents the product to the LED enterprise, saves down the electrical bill income turns over to the LED enterprise, the latter provides by this installs and so on services again.

Imperial sacrifices city economy promotion bureau routine Assistant Commissioner Li Juzhen thought that this is possibly EMC pattern another kind of innovation, may say that it is “LEMC”, rents the form huge mythical bird such exhibition hall to sell the field in view of similar east, possibly is more advantageous to the LED promotion.

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