choice design

3rd, ordering time needs to consider the gate shop the exhibition. Makes the clothing gate shop sale to be able to know that roughly the gate shop area size is influential to clothing’s design quantity, the marketing capacity has decided the ordering total quantity. But this did not mean that the shop the area is bigger, the goods which subscribes must be more.

The ordering total quantity should carry on the analysis based on the years this quarter clothing sale data, certainly, this was also must draw support from the clothing management software, for example the spirit created the software. Discovers the reasonable ordering quantity from the analysis. Moreover, goods design how many to will also sell has the influence.shoulder community
The design is not more better, will like this instead cause the exhibition to be disorderly, loses the stereoscopic effect. Ordering design how many must consider the gate shop the area, factors and so on shop land sector, management, sale.

If is the noodle shop area is small, but the land sector is good, sells a lot, that should subscribe design few, inscription consisting of signature only quantity wants many. In turn, if is the noodle shop area is big, but the sales volume are not many, that should subscribe the design are many, inscription consisting of signature only quantity few. 4th, do not rest on individual likes carrying on ordering. Many business agents are like resting on their like the choice design carrying on ordering. Specially the female business agent makes the female attire, the male business agent to make men’s clothing’s time.

Must remember,goods expense
the business agent judgment cannot on behalf of mainstream fondness. Moreover in zones of different different season, disparity in age section, the people are dissimilar to clothing’s esthetic viewpoint, has the difference.

Therefore in choice design time, must be specially careful, must rest on the tidal current the tendency, unifies local the actual situation to carry on the choice.

on March 28, 2011 19:30 pm, the Van Doren 2011 autumn new product release conference and the meeting for the placement of orders started officially. From the land’s the merchant, the media and Van Doren’s all staff happily gathers in one place, shares this ordering grand feast.

This meeting for the placement of orders walks Xiu by the fashion to start, six specialized models had demonstrated for everybody the Van Doren 2011 autumn female attire’s unique charm, has annotated Van Doren’s fashionable atmosphere. The Van Doren 2011 autumn female attire divide into four big subjects: Prehistoric civilization (Prehistoriccivlilization), love in the 70s (Lovestory),formal clothes
Boximiya Baroque (BohemiaBaroque): , modern extremely Jan principle (MinimalLuxe). In this season a important subject narration is in the imagination time immemorial. Let the luxurious low key return nature.

Has brought the massive furs element. Especially grows hair the furs, regardless of being the unpadded garment design or the coat design has the application. The wild natural environment has also brought many rough bold designs, ashen department’s dye printing, as well as designs and so on suede pants, furs vest. Using has primitive plain and the fond of the countryside style lining,哮喘 like the man-made furs, the stain leather and the suede and so on, and perform each kind to weave the grain and the decoration detail roughy.

The gentle printing technology union attrition and imitates old processing, may make the contrast effect, for human by obsolete and natural feeling. The nature pure tone has exposed the ancient times time that not has opened up wasteland the natural environment. The sepia animal skin and the animal superficial knowledge have brought the ash brown, the dust color, as well as tones and so on greenishness.

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