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Liu Zuo: The luxury goods cut the tax not to have the explicit timetable at present, but according to every year customs tariff adjustment time, even if this year has the adjustment possibility, must wait till at least the end of the year. Regarding decline luxury goods customs duty, what must first solve is the luxury goods definition question.

The world luxury goods association acts according to a country city the average per person month income to define the luxury goods, the list market price before has not added the customs duty and the excise tax, is bigger than this national city average per person month income,jadeite creates
should list as the luxury goods. The Chinese import luxury goods altogether have four kind of taxes;

first, import customs duty; second, to import cargo universal collection increment duty; third, excise tax; fourth, to import automobile collection vehicles purchase tax. in 2010 China in the import link collection’s increment duty and the excise tax 1,049,100,000,000 Yuan, accounts for the Chinese tax revenue total amount 14.3%, the import customs duty is 202,800,000,000 Yuan, accounts for the Chinese tax revenue total amount 2.8%, amounts to 1,251,900,000,000 Yuan, accounts for the national tax revenue total amount 17.1%.

A country’s tax system structure and the national economic development level is close related, the developing country tax system structure is the indirect tax is a main body, is mainly the increment duty, the excise tax and the customs duty, China now to import cargoes taxation and so on luxury goods, is a Chinese reality economic development level performance. Moreover, stemming from the fair consideration,price rises
the tax policy cannot carry on to rich person’s categories of taxes reduces. The support falls the tax faction

Reduces the customs duty to be possible to stimulate the Domestic enterprise to grow Italian Embassy trade promotion Special Commissioner Lai Shiping Stationed in China Lai Shiping: If Europe and the US enter economical winter, that China will become the world biggest luxury goods country of consumption in the next two years, its condition reduces the import tariff massively.

Some people believed that will raise the customs duty to reduce the overseas luxurious brand entry, subsequently will purchase the domestic luxury goods brand the human will increase. But I believed that the luxury goods brand is defines by buyer, they like even if the luxury goods brand in domestic cannot buy, or the customs duty is too high, they will go overseas to buy, go to Paris, to go to Milan, to go to Rome ……

In brief,moist shoes
they will not buy China’s luxury goods brand, therefore more will be with the protectionism manner, they in overseas will buy are more. Is China in the world the biggest automobile and the furniture producer country and the export State, where the question is at? What the question lies in the Chinese Enterprise to pay great attention is quantity, what because they for market contribution is according to quantity computation commodity, then what relations between quantity and the quality is?

This is the question core is, the local producer does insufficiently in the making brand, therefore they are afraid the foreign brand the steep competition.

If the overseas luxury goods are allowed to enter China, actually they may stimulate the Chinese Domestic Local Enterprise’s growth. Draws an analogy, many people are fat, but they are not very vigorous and healthy, the Foreign corporation enters in fact is makes the example for these enterprises, they invest in the design, they in make in the market to invest, they are very strong,International Moving profit from these Foreign corporation’s experience, Chinese Corporation may learn many things.

Therefore, competes regarding China’s enterprise is very advantageous. China’s company not only need very fat, but must be very vigorous and healthy, must learn the competition. Cuts the tax is the tendency time is but indefinite The department of commercial affairs research institute expends economical research department Director Zhao Ping Zhao Ping: The luxury goods heat is to China reform and open policy result affirmation, but the luxury goods is in itself a dynamic concept. Cites an example:

Past bicycle was luxury goods, now the economy passenger vehicle already was the riding instead of walking tool, the past was the luxury goods commodity, now was already not the luxury goods, already became the essential item which the people lived. Therefore, with does not fall regarding tax falling, the answer is not “non-black namely white”.

In the long run, cuts the tax is the tendency, but did not mean that tomorrow must descend fall. Along with economic level enhancement, the people pursue the high quality the life are one kind of inevitable demand unceasingly, such commodity I thought that from the long-term tendency looked should cut the customs duty suitably, meets the material culture needs which the people’s community grows day by day.

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