body flesh

The free radical is the senile important initiation factor, along with the age growth, metabolism slows down gradually, own resistance free radical’s ability will therefore reduce, the skin and the bodily organ will present the phenomenon which the ahead of time will get older. The tapioca itself includes the manganese, the copper, the zinc and so on three kind of trace elements are compose SOD the ingredient, spreads the surface with the tapioca, may promote the human body flesh hyperoxide mutase (SOD) activeness,area stretches suppresses the melanin the synthesis, maintains the skin is fair.

In addition, because SOD has the elimination free radical function, therefore prevents the skin with tapioca Tu Mianke to be senile, corrugation. It is noteworthy that the tapioca should outside the internal assignment raise, recuperates continually, in historical Empress Dowager Cixi was 60 the youth not to be still old, perhaps was also a very good proof.

the four, improvement sleep, Le Xiang sleeps peacefully night of records ” the pearl according to “Native Chinese Plants”, sets one’s mind at ease calms the spirits the soul “, “the People’s Republic of China Pharmacopoeia” also records the pearl to have calms the nerves to decide the startled function, uses in palpitating with fear losing sleep. In the tapioca includes many kinds of amino acids and the trace element can plays to the cerebrum main center “comforts calmly with” the role, after the human body absorption, be able to cause the overexcited to cause the weary cell to obtain nourishes,excretory system causes it to be peaceful down, is similarly suitable regarding young child’s frightened epilepsy.

Certainly, the tapioca is not the wonder drug, regarding emotional handicap, excited, anxious, despondent and so on result losing sleep, first should carry on the spiritual the self-adjustment, based on this, coordinates to take the tapioca, then can improve the sleep effectively, thus enables organism to obtain the full rest.

Fifth, treats ulcer, promotes oral cavity health oral cavity ulcer is one kind manifests suddenly repeatedly take the periodicity as characteristic oral mucosa limited ulcer harms, may occur in oral mucosa any spot, by the lip, the cheek, the tongue department sees, serious may affect swallows a mucous membrane. The tapioca has the clearing heat and detoxication, effect of the restraining wound, the special nanometer tapioca’s average grain diameter amounts to 40~100 nanometers thin, is equal in the pore 1/60, can by the maximum surface area and ulcer surface contact, displays its effect.

Simultaneously the tapioca has the clear stomach fire to fall effect of the pent-up anger, the coordinate internal medicine can treat the symptoms and the causes. six, raise the liver clear vision, alleviation asthenopia the tapioca has effect of the clearing heat and detoxication, can the clear anger. The liver argument, the anger prosperous item lives the nebula, the vision blurring. Meanwhile after the research discovery, in the tapioca selenium may strengthen the visual nerve the conduction, the improvement vision condition;

In trace element’s zinc may promote optic nerve’s axis thick liquid transportation, improves the retina and retina pigment epithelium cell’s metabolism and the function. “the People’s Republic of China Pharmacopoeia” narrates: “the pearl has the clear vision to disappear function of the nebula, mainly treats the item to live the nebula”, therefore many scholars become the tapioca “the ophthalmology department wondrous medicines”.

Takes the tapioca for a long time, has the possibility to let you regard the thing fuzzy situation to be improved. the seven, auxiliary voltage droppings, enhance quality of life in the Chinese medicine theory hypertension to belong to the liver positive high result,great distance the modern times medical research result proved that our country traditional Chinese medicine treasure – - tapioca has overcomes one’s fears calms the nerves, to raise extinguishes endogenous wind, the town liver to dive cloudy the positive effect, thus achieves the voltage dropping the effect, the modern clinical use blood pressure medicine “the treasure chrysanthemum falls the pelleting” is makes according to this principle.

The practice proved that if the blood pressure is higher than not much, definitely may use the tapioca biology voltage dropping, natural security; If the blood pressure is excessively high, lowers the blood pressure using the western medicine primarily, tapioca voltage dropping for auxiliary.

several big effects which states besides above, the internal medicine tapioca also has treats the pharyngitis, the treatment constipation and a row in poison, the treatment arrythmia, gynopathy auxiliary effects and so on treats 2 diabetes, to treat, these effects already obtained the confirmation in the modern medicine. The internal medicine needs certainly to insist long-term, the rule, otherwise the effect will sell at a discount greatly.

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