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Not full-time wife’s four major reasons

Friday, May 28th, 2010

First: Living boring

Wife to do full-time lead dull lives, such as water, reduce the fun. Say that married life is exceptionally dull, then his wife to do more full-time are the very boring. His wife rarely go full-time contact with other people, the morning cook at home every evening, if there is a sudden one day but not at home cooking is not normal so her husband can not accept, and the husband may not go home to eat most.

Full-time wife face every day, together with their children lead their own lives. If the child grew up reading, and full-time wife’s life most likely to lead to mental deficiency. If a way of life is not fun, the selection of a defect equal life.

Second: the loss of viability

Full-time his wife is not short of money to spend. Do not communicate with the outside world it is very difficult to keep up with the pace of social development, they were reluctant to go no time to study new knowledge, can not grasp the latest information. Slowly lead to the loss of viability, if the family should happen to happen, life would be very passive. From social development point of view, a full-time wife is a person not suited for social development.

Third: the loss of self -

In fact, for the loss of self-has pursued a person, it is a very deadly situation. A lot of full-time because his wife would not cultivate its own number of hobbies such as photography, golf, literature, music and so on, become a character and content of artistic people. Personality people did not equal the prosaic, it is difficult for others to remember and appreciate. And the same brand, only has personality, has differentiated brand will have viability, are not easy to be replaced by other brands.

Fourth: the loss of love and affection

All full-time wife to do things a little bit like a nanny, in addition to more responsible Nothing outside the technical content. Is at home every day and dealing with complicated matters, it is sentimental. As a day at home cooking with children advanced nanny, go home for dinner every day until the husband go home to sleep, if things continue this way naturally easy for her husband.

Able to raise full-time wife’s Men are the cause of many hope, contact with a variety of excellent people, including the excellent and capable woman, once in the subconscious comparison, in love to consider the degree of sleep is definitely not his wife are full-time feeling. Just put my wife as a dependent full-time duty only.

Of course there is also happiness. But happy to do a good job of full-time husband, wife apart from the look of what kind of people are, but also to face and customary insipid life, can regulate their own feelings, but also a very tolerant view of the various acts of her husband, if not accepted , that is, marital crisis, when to do so full-time Choose wife you must be prudent.

Affectionate husband and wife live in the six rules

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Love is a pre-marriage, love of men and women, that the two conditions Yiyi, a moment to leave the scene, is really very wonderful.

1, often recalled his love: love is the pre-marriage, love of men and women, that the two conditions Yiyi, a moment to leave the scene, is really very wonderful. After marriage, often recalled his pre-marriage love scene, the couple will be able to arouse feelings of sympathy, and an increase in the memories of the romantic feelings and more longing for the future, thus enhancing the feelings of husband and wife.

2, re-arrangement “honeymoon”: marriage, honeymoon, husband and wife is the most concentrated period of feelings. At that time, the two put aside all the troubles, full access to surpass honey love the world, enjoy the “Garden of Eden” Music. After marriage, if we can make use of holidays each year to arrange a time ranging from a “honeymoon”, such as to a remote tourism, recycling both love small world and relive old dream, will be able to continue to set off waves in love, so that husband and wife ever stronger feelings .

3, to celebrate the festival to commemorate: wedding anniversary, the other birthday, anniversary, etc. De Ding Qing is the husband and wife both love the history of important day. By then, take the appropriate form, be Memorial, from which both sides feel the other side have their own deep love, which is the consolidation of great husband and wife.

4, compensation for past debt situation: a lot of couples get married because of conditions, failed to take an ideal form of return on each other’s love, and who do not spend their honeymoon, has failed to give love to buy a decent gift and so on. Several years later, when conditions are ripe, the completion of these had not tried to remember, in order to repay past debts owed by the situation, it will cause the other side feel that you are a heavy situation, passionate people who love you, love will be doubled , such as gay marriage to a lot of love to buy gold jewelry, and many have passed notched married couples color and so on.

5, learn to please the lover: Some men and women, pre-marital and other appointments, the total should try to please the other side, but after marriage will no longer care about each other about their feelings. This approach will damage the couple’s feelings. Therefore, marriage, lesbian also, as always, gentle, caring concern for her husband; and gay should be carefully savor his wife’s feelings, not only to care for his wife always considerate, but also to please his wife learn some skills, such as the purchase of clothing for her high-ginseng, to help her plan the development of beauty, humor and so on from time to time to point.

6, a record point a pleasant surprise: an unexpected surprise to make the other side often played the feelings of “doping” role. Therefore, the creation of a pleasant surprise that, for enhancing the feelings of a very good husband and wife. Such as telling the other side, he (she) in the remote access to meet their loved ones for the other side would like to get to buy the same goods, for the creation of a husband and wife are not ready but the other very popular activities and so on, can make a pleasant surprise oil But Health, which burst out in the pleasant surprises in the strong feelings of flowers, set off jubilant love heat.

Husband-the true meaning of the word

Friday, May 28th, 2010

What is her husband? Woman, remember: her husband, that you want to eat him Man deficit.

Her husband is afraid that the work you bring enough food, but also quietly to the boxes in the “bad Man.”

Husband, that you will bowl leftovers into rice like him like garbage bowl, but he is also happy to eat like a pig as a “silly man.”

Husband, that a quarrel during the day to ignore you, much busy, and the middle of the night for you to be pulling away a good angle, “Man stingy.”

Husband, that there are only 300 Ocean purse, but to advise you to buy 700 of the ocean you see an item of clothing, while their own credit card to help you buy a tie gave the “stupid Men.”

Husband, that you are lazy with him to his feet and knowing that you are pouring money down the drain in terms also of sets of music can not be Huizi the “sweet Man.”

Her husband is afraid of you that winter cold feet, and a pair of not washing your feet firmly in his arms that are not afraid of bad men, referred to as “the stinking Man.”

Husband, that let you eat more salt and pepper side dish Meng tea while blowing his nose, but also did not forget tears, said: his wife to do the dishes really good “poor man